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Blue Carpet

It is the new fully automated, online incentive program for HP partners. This has been developed to increase business growth, recognizing and rewarding Sales Representatives for their knowledge and marketing of participating HP products. All with a minimum administrative effort and without loss of productivity.
This program is open to enrolling HP Distributors, their Channels, Preferred Partners, Guest Specialists, Program Administrators, and Sales Representatives. It is important that all participants are over 18 years of age.
For more information, you can contact the specialists via email: info@hpbluecarpet.net
Registration process
What information is requested on the registration pages?
General information, such as first and last name, email, date of birth, telephone number, position in the company and company address.
Where can I register?
You only have to register once. Visit the website at http://www.hpbluecarpet.net and follow a few simple steps: Click "Sign up now", Login and confirm your email. Registration is completed when you accept the official Terms and Conditions of the program.
Who is the owner?
The owner or legal representative, responsible for registering the company in the program.
Who can participate within the company?
Sales representatives and the Program Administrator. Keep in mind that the Admin is the person designated by the owner or by the legal representative of the company, who will be responsible for the recruitment, approval and allocation by Points for Sales. The commercial area is responsible for actively participating in webinars, (online training), among others.
How can you know if the registration has been approved?
You will receive an email notification confirming your registration.
Who can accumulate Points?
All users registered as administrators or Sales Representatives can accumulate Points.
When can you start accumulating Points?
Once your registration is 100% finished and approved by the administrator, you will receive your first 50 Points.
How can I accumulate Points?
Accumulate Points for sales of HP products and for participating in behavioral activities such as: registering for the program, taking online trainings and attending local events held by HP.
Where can I check my Points balance?
To see the Points balance, you can go to "My Account" and select "My Points".
Do the Points have an expiration date? If so, when?
Yes. Points can only be accumulated and redeemed during valid Program periods. This information is available in the Official Rules.
Can two users combine Points to redeem a prize?
It is not possible to combine Points of accounts of different users, even if they are in the same company.
Can I transfer my Points to another person within my company?
No. Points are not transferable.
What are the participating products?
You can see the participating products, accessing your account and selecting the "Products" tab in the main menu.
For more information, you can request it at info@hpbluecarpet.net

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HPE Engage&Grow

It is a fully automated platform developed to motivate development and growth for HPE's Gold, Silver, Business and Proximity Partners sales teams.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Engage & Grow program will help you understand HPE products, opening up a world of business possibilities. It will also support the commercial effort of HPE Partners and will motivate the sales force at all levels of the channel.
Some of the learning tools available are informational materials, battlecards to present solutions to clients, video courses, questionnaires and training programs in game format. All this available from a PC or through the platform's mobile application, downloadable from any app store.
The account executives of the participating resellers accumulate bonus points for the sale of certain products and also for training. At the end of the incentive period, the administrator or team director, who will have been previously chosen, will distribute these bonus points among the commercial area.
How does it work?
A previously determined person from your company must carry out the registration process on the Engage & Grow web portal. This person must either be the manager of the company or have the authorization to accept the terms and conditions of the Program. The system will confirm that you have been successfully registered.
The team administrator role may be transferred to any other person later.
Once the company account has been approved and you have received your access data, it is necessary to designate an Administrator using the tool. The Administrator will receive an invitation by email, which will take you to the website to accept the terms and conditions.
Through the tool, The Administrator invites all members of the company's sales force. Upon receiving the email with the invitation, they can enter the platform to accept terms and conditions and start enjoying the tools and benefits.
Sell ​​the predetermined products and participate in special training courses and games to get bonus points. Remember that when making a quote on iQuote, you can see the E&G points that your company would receive when acquiring that solution.
Be sure to receive the HPE E&G newsletters. They will provide you with important information about the incentive program.
The Program Administrator will check and distribute the accumulated points. These must be assigned to commercial executives individually, according to sales made during the following 30 days.
From this moment on, commercial executives will have a period of 30 days to start a session on the E&G portal and confirm the accumulated points.
Sales reps also generate points that are automatically assigned when doing the training and activities suggested by the program.
Before the points expire, each salesperson will be able to redeem them according to what they have accumulated for Visa cards, products, gift cards or experiences.
It's very easy to generate valuable bonuses while growing in experience and sales with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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