HP USB-C Mini Dock





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Be productive outside the office with streamlined, pocket-sized, modern and functional port expansion. The HP Mini USB-C Docking Station, in addition to being compact and portable, has a modern and textured design, providing pass-through charging and device, network, video and data connectivity. Charge your device while you work, Provide pass-through charging1 to your notebook or tablet by connecting your USB-C AC adapter to the USB-C port on the docking station. Enterprise-grade network manageability, Support for network manageability3 of your device and docking station with PXE boot, Wake-on LAN, MAC Address Pass-Through, and LAN / WLAN switching. 4 Expand your workspace, Control an external display compatible with HDMI up to 4K or compatible with VGA up to 1080p. Connect to Gigabit Ethernet through the RJ-45 port and to accessories through a USB or USB-C2 port. Maximum mobility, You can carry the docking station in your hand with the soft-coated USB-C cable that wraps seamlessly into a channel at the bottom of the station and fits around your wrist like a strap or stowed in your bag along with your mobile device.

1 Year

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